Taking care of our feline friends

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Care 4 Cats
By Jerry Brownstein
There are many cats on Ibiza without the security of having loving owners who care for them. For these wild, stray and abandoned felines the charity Care 4 Cats is their main hope for survival. This volunteer organization brings injured and sick cats to a vet for healing, and they also have many adorable kittens for adoption. Perhaps their main effort is devoted to keeping the wild cat population under control. They do this by trapping as many stray cats as possible so that they can be neutered. Several of the local vets give the charity generous discounts for doing this work.

Care 4 Cats is calling for more cat lovers to become volunteers to help them with this important work. It only takes a few hours each week, and it is very easy to do with modern auto-traps. The volunteers who run this well established local charity have been working tirelessly for 20 years to help these unfortunate animals. If you would like to lend a helping hand please contact them by Email, in Spanish or English, at [email protected], or telephone Ursula on 677 601 362.
For more information here is their website and Facebook page:
Web: care4catsibiza.org
Facebook: care 4 cats


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