Conserving a precious resource

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A model for efficient use of water
By María V. R.
Casita Verde is an ecological centre on Ibiza which fully understands that water is a scarce natural resource that needs to be used in a sustainable way. The centre does not have an underground water source, so supplies come from the collection of rainwater, supplemented by water trucks during the dry season. Casita Verde has created innovative systems to make the most of their rainwater. At the upper end of the farm rainwater from the forest is channelled into a canal. From there it flows through two sedimentation tanks before arriving at an 80 tonne storage deposit. This water is used for washing, showering and for watering the Aloe Vera plants and some of the most delicate fruit trees. The drinking water is obtained directly from a 14 tonne deposit that is filled during the winter months by rain falling on the roof of the main house. In this way they avoid buying bottled water.

Some simple procedures help them to take advantage of every drop of water. These include: showering without wasting water, washing dishes with two containers in the sink (one with soap and one with clean water) and using recycled water for certain plants. The use of ecological toilets drastically reduces the consumption of water, and it also provides valuable fertilizer for the ornamental plants. The water used in the main kitchen, the washing machine and the showers passes through filters before being distributed evenly among the 14 food growing areas. This water distribution system is called a tipper box, and it efficiently gives a second life to this scarce resource.


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