Elegance blended with the true spirit of Ibiza

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Atzaró - The Heart of Ibiza
By Jerry Brownstein
Over the past fifteen years Atzaró has become in many ways the very heart of Ibiza. Ibicasa is delighted to have had the opportunity to find out more about this very special place by talking with Víctor Guasch, who was instrumental in its creation. 

The name Atzaró conjures up a vision of graceful elegance nestled within the natural splendour of endless orange groves. This is a place where interesting people from all over the world come to enjoy themselves, and it is also a cultural centre that gives the artists and designers of Ibiza a wonderful venue to display their talents. Atzaró has evolved in many ways since it first opened its doors to the public in 2004, but its story goes back much further than that. This bountiful property comprising over 100,000 m2 has been inhabited and farmed by the Guasch family for many generations.

Víctor Guasch, the manager of Atzaró, was born in the finca of his grandparents which today is the centre of the hotel. Víctor grew up here on Ibiza, went to university in Barcelona and then on to graduate school in Brussels. Upon earning his MBA degree in economics he began working for the European Union as a member of its African legations in Equatorial Guinea and Zaire. He then accepted a position with the Spanish foreign service, being stationed for four years in the Philippines, and a further four years in Tunisia. He had established himself as an experienced international advisor… but he was starting to hear the call from the island of his birth.

In the late 90’s Víctor and his family were deciding what to do with the land and house of his late grandparents… and a vision was beginning to emerge. They wanted to create something that would preserve the soul of Ibiza’s countryside while maintaining the island’s multicultural heritage. Víctor’s international experience helped to steer this vision in a direction that was a fusion of styles – the natural beauty of Ibiza blended with the graceful ambience of Asia. This would be a place where people could experience the special feeling of the campo in a setting that was luxurious and exotic… yet retained the charm of old Ibiza. Working together with Víctor’s partner Philip Gonda, the family turned this inspiration into a reality, and by 2001 the construction of Atzaró had begun. 

“The natural beauty of Ibiza blended with the style of Asia”

Entering the grounds you are immediately taken in by the subtle touches of natural elegance, and the attention to detail in every corner. This same sense of style graces the rooms, the restaurants, the chill out area and the magnificent gardens with their luxurious day beds. Looking down across the expanse of the long reflecting pool you see the lovely pagoda that frames the entrance to Atzaró’s enchanting Spa. Once again the design seamlessly blends the natural beauty of Ibiza with the exotic feeling of Asia. In addition to offering massage, facials, sauna, hammam and a fully equipped gym, there are also regular classes in Yoga and a variety of other healthy pursuits. All of the classes are free for hotel guests, and are open to the general public at a reasonable cost.

Atzaró also supports health, wellness and the alternative side of Ibiza by hosting The Ibiza Spirit Festival twice every year – at the end of April and the beginning of October. This inspirational event is a joyous celebration of how beautiful life can be when we come together in the spirit of Love. The next Ibiza Spirit Festival will be on Sunday the 6th of October, featuring an amazing variety of activities happening all day and into the evening: ecstatic dance, Yoga, Tantra, live music, meditation, inspirational talks & workshops, alternative therapies, a magical Children’s Garden and much more. All of this combines with the beauty of Atzaró to create an ambiance that opens people’s hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being.

“The Ibiza Spirit Festival... Spreading the Love”

The hotel, the restaurants and the spa are open all year round with a different flavour in each season. Throughout most of the year Atzaró hosts numerous private events – weddings, corporate events, retreats and more are all attracted to this jewel in the heart of Ibiza. The annual Primavera Party at the end of March is the first major event of the spring on Ibiza. It’s a massive celebration that attracts people from all over the island and beyond. The summer season features the famous Orange Tree Restaurant and the luxurious Chill Out where you can kick back in style. Atzaró has also expanded their special touch to three other restaurants on Ibiza: Atzaró Beach and its casual cousin the Chiringito are right on the beach at Cala Nova, and the lovely Aubergine Restaurant is near San Miguel.

This year on the 15th of August, Atzaró launched their incredible new Organic Vegetable Garden – a vast three hectare cornucopia of nature’s abundance. Tree-lined walkways lead you on a sensory journey past colourful fruits, vegetables and herbs, to a scented garden of climbing roses, cascading bougainvillaea and jasmine. Passing the ornamental pond you come to a rustic kitchen with a tree-shaded bar... and finally to a large grass area framed by palm trees... the perfect setting for country-chic weddings or luxury picnics.

The vegetable garden produces organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the hotel’s restaurants. These include passion fruit, figs, apples, avocados, papayas, lemons, limes, oranges, pomegranates, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and more. It is an entirely  sustainable eco-system, with water from Atzaró’s wells and electricity from on-site solar panels. This new garden, like all Atzaró creations, is a reflection of their unique style that blends tasteful elegance with the true spirit of Ibiza.


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