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Beto of Ibizamassage - Health and Beauty Centre
By María V. R.
Close to Ibiza’s main harbour there is a garden of sensual delight for body, mind and spirit called Ibizamassage. If you ask its founder Beto Cerullo what has been his passion since he was five years old he will answer: “To take care of people; even then I loved to help people feel better.” This was understandable for a boy descended from three generations of physiotherapists and chiropractors, and by the time Beto was 17 he was already a professional chiropractor. He arrived on Ibiza in 1992, and in those days there were very few masseurs on the island. Young Beto was the first to come up with the idea to do massages on the beach at Ses Salines. He set up his massage bed under a beach umbrella and began sowing the seeds of what eventually became Ibizamassage. For 17 years he worked on the beach and at private homes from April to October doing about 12 massages each day.

These days Beto no longer gives massages personally as he is focused on the direction and management of his growing business. Thanks to his inspired determination and the dedication of his team, Ibizamassage has created a unique presence on the island. This has been enhanced by a magnificent marketing campaign that features eight painted taxis and a classic English double-decker bus that spread the word of Ibizamasage all over the island. Beto has been a pioneer by creating one of the world’s first websites to offer massage sales online. His beautiful centre also offers specialized areas dedicated to make-up and hairdressing for weddings, parties and all kinds of events.

Now that you know a bit about the interesting history of this business, let’s look at the unique services that they offer – not only at their home base, but also at hotels, private mansions and luxury yachts. Upon entering the building all guests are instantly made to feel comfortable with a warm reception and a welcoming drink. The staff uses computer tablets to illustrate and explain the wide variety of services to choose from – all created so that you will leave this unisex centre feeling healthy and radiant from head to toe.

Among the varied and pleasant experiences on offer, one of the most interesting is a massage done by ‘walking’ on the client’s back. The masseur hangs from handles installed in the ceiling so that the massage is done gently, with ease and precision. Another special therapy uses small friendly fish called Garra rufa. The client places their feet in a small pool filled with these tiny fish who go to work exfoliating the dead skin from their feet. Space does not allow us to describe in detail all of the treatments offered as it is an extremely wide variety that includes massages with gold, silver, fruits, white roses and hot volcanic stones more than 2,000 years old. You might say it’s like ‘a fairy tale for body and spirit’. These exotic therapies are very popular, but Ibizamassage does not ignore the classic natural treatments. Beto and his team combine the traditional massage methods such as Thai and Shiatsu with cutting-edge technology. One example of this is the oxygen bar where you can oxygenate your cells to increase vitality. It is also very helpful in overcoming jet lag.

No description would be complete without mentioning the specialty of the house which is so unique that its name is a registered trademark: MIXMASSAGE. Created by the founder, it combines the best of what he has studied in Argentina, Asia and Spain. Five different massage techniques are used to stimulate each part of the body: Thai massage to create gentle pressure; Californian to produce healing friction; shiatsu with acupressure; reflexology on the soles of feet; and deep stretching. It is a complete process that in addition to deep relaxation, also clears the lymphatic system and produces chiropractic relief.

This is a perfect example of using massage to not only relax the client, but also to deepen their well-being. The many physical benefits include eliminating toxins, activating muscles, soothing pain and stimulating the senses. A great massage will also calm your mind and open the doors of perception so that you can experience new sensations. Whichever therapy you choose, the goal of the team at Ibizamassage is to make you feel great. To top it off you can finish the experience at their “seventh heaven room” where there is wine, fruit and chocolates for your enjoyment. 


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