Famed Festival joins the progress on plastic waste

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Glastonbury Festival bans sale of single-use plastics
By Jinny Throup
The famous Glastonbury Festival (UK) has banned the sale of single-use plastics from all of their events. Not only will plastic drinks bottles be unavailable to purchase, they will also no longer be supplied in any of the festival’s backstage, production, catering and dressing room areas. Festival-goers are being encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles which they can refill at any of the hundreds of free water taps, or at ‘WaterAid’ kiosks around the site. In excess of one million plastic bottles have been sold at Glastonbury every year for the past decade. So it is high time that the organisers of a festival that sees itself as progressive and positive, starts to take action that joins the effort to do what is right for the planet.


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