Rapid charging is essential for the future of electric vehicles

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UK plans for electric vehicle charging stations
By Jinny Throup
London-based Pivot Power has unveiled ambitious plans to accelerate electric vehicle adoption and usher in low carbon transport. Taking a page from Tesla’s book, they plan to construct 45 large charging stations around the UK in locations near towns and major roads. Each station will have fast charging 50 megawatt batteries, with enough capacity to support a variety of electric charging needs including rapid charging stations for cars, electric bus depots and bases for large transport fleets.

At the moment, the three major barriers to electric vehicle adoption are availability of chargers, range of charge, and cost. Pivot Power hopes this initiative will encourage people to make the switch and accelerate the electric vehicle revolution by making it more convenient. Their goal is to have a network of rapid charging stations across the country that will enable drivers to charge quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. Britain intends to ban all new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040, and Pivot Power aims to be a major player in this move to clean, affordable and secure energy. The company plans to have operational batteries at 10 sites before the end of 2019.


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