Supporting solar energy in the UK.

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Free solar energy for 800,000 UK homes
By Michelle Robertson
As many as 800,000 low-income homes across England and Wales could get free solar panels as part of a major new government program. The potential savings on energy bills for each home would be about €270 per year. The €1.2 billion project will be led by the renewable energy company Solarplicity in partnership with local housing providers who will install the solar panels. Residents in the northwest of England will be the largest beneficiaries of the scheme. About 100,000 homes that fall into the ‘fuel poverty’ category will be the first to receive the free panels this year, with the rest of the project to be completed over the next five years.

The residents who receive these solar panels will be eligible for the generous financial incentives that are offered to residents in the UK who generate their own energy. In addition, Solarplicity will guide them to consume energy wisely by making sure that they use efficient LED bulbs, and providing them with smart meters that show exactly how much energy they’re using throughout the day. The overall use of solar energy continues to grow in the UK, and it’s estimated that over a million homes in the country already make use of either solar thermal or photovoltaic panels.


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