A simple and inexpensive way to grow your own food.

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Innovative Plant Pods
By María Vila Rebolo
Imagine that you could have an inexpensive, nutritious food source in your home that required no daily maintenance. While this may sound too good to be true that is exactly what the innovative agricultural company called Aggressively Organic has developed. They claim that their micro-gardening ‘Plant Pods’ can grow more lettuce in a 3 square metre room than can be produced on 2,000 square metres of farmland. The Plant Pods are built with a hydroponics system that uses no soil. This means that owners only need to water the pods every few weeks. Not only is this beneficial for busy people who forget to water their plants, but the low water usage is also better for the environment. Planting lettuce in the ground requires roughly 95 litres of water to grow, whereas the pods require less than half a litre.

An additional benefit is that the food grown in the Plant Pod is more nutritious because you eat it freshly picked. By contrast, lettuce that you buy in a supermarket loses a high percentage of its nutrition within one day of being harvested. Since one of the company’s aims is to end food insecurity, they have made a system that anyone can afford and use. There are no pumps, nor electricity required, and the pods use very little plastic. They are built using a coconut shell in which seeds are planted, with reusable netted cups to hold the plants and a nutrient solution that nourishes them.


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