Instant solar power in remote areas.

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Roll-up solar power
By Michelle Robertson
An innovative roll-out mobile solar system generates electricity in a way that is ideal for remote locations and emergency situations. The Renovagen Rapid Roll I can provide enough solar power for a small city. Ready to be transported in a mobile shipping container whenever needed, this easy to set-up system can be deployed for many situations in remote locations including festivals, mining, construction, film production and telecommunications. It is also well suited for military use and disaster relief, as each unit is able to provide enough power for either a 120 bed mobile clinic or desalinization of 25,000 litres of water per day.

In the UK it’s already being used on Flat Holm - a small island in the Bristol Channel five miles off the south coast of Wales. Providing electricity to Flat Holm has always been a challenge. It has no mains supply and had been depending on old solar panels and diesel generators that are no longer adequate. The government is working to find a permanent solution, but in the meantime this new system has given them all the electricity they need instantly. The Energy Manager of the Cardiff Council, said: “It will take time to create the infrastructure that we need, so we are lucky that this new technology that takes care of the problem in the interim.”


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