Progress for the protection of women in Spain.

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Spain moves to curb gender violence
By Carmen Loren
The Spanish Congress of Deputies has, for the first time ever, approved guidelines to guard against gender violence. This summer it has passed a package of 200 measures which include: a mistreated woman will not have to file a denuncia at the police in order to access social assistance and receive support; the confession of the abuser will no longer be cause for reducing his sentence; a ban on prison visits by the children to a mistreating father. On the educational level, it will be required that school curriculums include specific content on gender equality and against gender-based violence.

This legislation began with the agreement of all the parliamentary parties, but ended with the abstention of the Podemos party. They justified their abstention based on the lack of guarantees for the implementation of these measures. Apparently there was no implementation schedule, nor a budget for it. The rest of the political parties stated that the approval of this pact does not mean their work is finished, and that implementation of all the measures is needed to end this urgent social problem.


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