Hemp: a valuable resource that is making a comeback.

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Growing hemp on Ibiza
By Carmen Loren
Hemp is a plant that has multiple beneficial uses which have unfortunately been forgotten for many years. The confusion that exists between this vegetable and marijuana is what has caused us to lose the many uses of this valuable resource. One example is hemp seeds which are considered a superfood, and are an excellent source of protein for vegan diets. In addition, hemp has many uses in cosmetics, medicine and industry. You can also extract from this plant a very high quality natural fiber with strong resistance that can be a substitute for polluting plastic.

Given all of this, Casita Verde organized a talk in Ibiza to promote the growth of hemp on the island. The object was to raise awareness of the enormous possibilities that could exist for the development of agriculture and the economy with the cultivation of this plant. It was pointed out that hemp and marijuana are plants that, although they belong to the same family, are morphologically and chemically distinct. In addition, its cultivation does not require demanding conditions because it can grow on almost any land. It is also easy to produce organically since it can grow perfectly without the use of pesticides. Ibiza is an excellent place for the cultivation of hemp, and it fits well with our island’s large community of people who are aware of the importance of generating local and ethical products that promote fair trade and environmental sustainability.


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