Ibiza supports the move to electric cars.

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Charging electric vehicles on Ibiza and Formentera
By María Vila Rebolo
Ibiza has become one of the areas of Spain with the most chargers for electric vehicles per inhabitant, as it already offers 30 double recharge points. This infrastructure makes moving around Ibiza by electric car relatively easy since it is a small island so the distance covered between charges is not a problem. At the beginning of 2017, the Ibiza and the Balearic Governments agreed to promote pollution-free transport by offering recharging stations throughout the Pitiusas that were free for at least a couple of years.

The municipalities of Sant Joan, Ibiza, Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, with the support of the Government, have installed numerous recharging points in different neighborhoods within their municipal boundaries. For some reason Santa Eulària has not acted as swiftly, despite the fact that the financing covers the full cost of the recharge points. It has only two charging points located near the seafront promenade. All chargers are open for the public and provide a power of up to 22 Kw/h.
Formentera is leading the way with 12 recharging points and capacity for 32 vehicles. Their plan for the near future is to have only electric vehicles. This places Formentera as a world leader in the pursuit of ecological and sustainable management of tourism and transportation.  Formentera is also the site of a new electric version of the classic Mehari. This is the "zero emissions" successor to the Citroën Mehari of the ‘60’s. The Consell will use the Meharis for tourism and environmental promotion.


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