Homes, jobs and a new start for the less fortunate.

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Helping the homeless with tiny houses
By Jinny Throup
The city of Austin, Texas (US) is striving to give its homeless citizens a better life with an innovative residential program. It’s called the Community First Village, and this 11 hectare development provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the homeless and disabled of Austin.

In addition to its mix of small affordable housing options, the Village offers a variety of amenities including a medical facility, community gardens, a market and even an outdoor cinema. The mission of this heart-warming initiative is not only to give the people somewhere to live, but to also integrate them back into society by helping them to find jobs and a purpose. It seems to be working, as in 2017 over $400,000 was earned by men and women of the Village through micro-enterprise programs.


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