More dancing for Ibiza’s students.

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Classes at the Dance Conservatory of Ibiza
By María Vila Rebolo
The Education Office of the Balearic Islands has announced that for the 2018/19 academic year elementary dance lessons will be taught at the Conservatory of Ibiza and Formentera. This will satisfy a demand that has been increasing for decades. Before coming to this decision, surveys were conducted among primary school students on Ibiza about the possibility of having a program of dance studies. Up until now such classes were only available at professional private dance schools. A large majority of the families surveyed responded very positively to the proposal for dance classes within the school curriculum.

Students who wish to participate will have to pass specific entrance examinations, and will be organized into courses of classical dance, Spanish dance and music. Additional information is available on the CAIB website. Dance is an art that celebrates life and it is also a great way to stay strong and healthy. Opening the school system to more dancing is perhaps a good step toward imagining a society with less soldiers and more dancers.


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