Homeless people are not invisible... they are still people.

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A sculpture highlighting social exclusion
By Carmen Loren
People being helped by Caritas have joined with art students to create an igloo-shaped sculpture that draws attention to the problem of social exclusion. The sculpture will be located in a prominent place on the streets of Ibiza. The author of this initiative is the artist and professor at the School of Arts and Crafts, Augusto Moreno. He introduced Caritas to the project with the aim of allowing people who are at risk of social exclusion to express themselves through art, and get their message out to the public.

The sculpture is a metal structure in the shape of an igloo, symbolizing a home that is not possible to live in. It is meant to shine a light on the risk of social exclusion faced by homeless people. In addition, the structure is covered with messages from the Caritas participants expressing their experiences and feelings. The sculpture was not originally intended to be located on the street, but the City Council of Ibiza decided to install it in a public place. Moreover, the Ibiza film director, Enrique Villallonga has followed the entire process of creating the sculpture with his camera, and will soon present a chapter about this creation on his video series 'Aiguallums'.


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