Solar energy from roads.

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Eco-friendly roads in Tokyo
By María Vila Rebolo
In preparation for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, Tokyo is installing “solar roads” to boost its reputation as an eco-friendly city. These roads will generate energy through a series of solar panels that are installed underneath the surface of the streets. A special resin will cover the surface of the roads so that heavier vehicles can drive on the roads without damaging the technology. The first solar roads were introduced on cycling roads in the Netherlands in 2014, and later on a few motorways in Normandy, France. By installing these solar panels before the Olympic Games the Japanese government hopes to popularize this technology, which will bring down the cost of building efficient solar roads. 

Tokyo has set a goal of having renewable energy account for about 30% of its power consumption by 2030. Another new technology they are considering to introduce is power-generating floors in locations such as metropolitan hospitals. This technology uses special ceramics that produce voltage when pressure is applied, converting the vibration of footsteps into electricity. This type of innovation can eventually lead to realizing a society that utilizes energy that would otherwise be wasted. 


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