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First plastic-free supermarket in Spain
By Carmen Loren
According to a report by the World Bank, more than 3.5 million tons of waste are produced every day, and a large amount of this is plastic that goes into the seas and rivers of our planet. This problem has spawned movements like "Zero Waste" that propose simple rules to reduce our garbage production. Thanks to this movement, new businesses are emerging that seek to minimize the problem by creating sustainable awareness. One of these is the "Yes Future” positive supermarket, which recently opened in Barcelona. It represents a new model of supermarket that offers only bulk products, and encourages consumers to bring their own containers (jars, bottles, cloth bags) to fill with their products - thus achieving 100% waste-free purchases.

Olga Rodríguez and Alejandro Martínez are the owners of this progressive business. They decided to embark on the project after observing the large amount of plastic that they generated in their own homes. Their aim was to create something that would promote social and environmental improvement. The store sells almost 300 types of food products including bulk wine, honey, spices, bread, nuts, cereals and legumes. Perhaps the most innovative feature of "Yes Future" is that it also sells environmentally friendly and biodegradable bulk detergents, as well as personal hygiene products such as toothpaste in recyclable containers. 


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