Model of a sustainable Eco House built here on Ibiza.

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A truly eco-friendly house in Ibiza
By Carmen Loren
One of the world’s most energy efficient houses has recently been constructed right here on Ibiza. It is located in the San Lorenzo area, and has been awarded the coveted Premium Passivhaus energy certificate. This exclusive designation is only given to buildings that meet the most demanding construction standards, and are powered entirely by renewable energies. This fascinating house was built by the Ibiza company Terravita in the record time of just eight months, using sustainable materials to minimise the carbon footprint.

The house covers an area of 210 square meters and, thanks to the 30 solar panels on its roof, does notneed to connect to the public electricity network. It also has a parking garage with twelve solar panels for recharging an electric car. Most of the house is made from recycled, compressed wood that comes from managed forests. It also has 36 centimetres of thermal insulation in its walls as well as double and triple glazing on the windows to keep the house warm in the winter. As for the supply of water, the house is self-sufficient thanks to a rain water collection and treatment system. Lastly, the building is oriented to the south with large windows to make the most of the light and warmth provided by the winter sun.


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