New building material that is efficient and easy to use

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Homes made with AirCrete
By Michelle Robertson
A new lightweight, low-cost building block that is fireproof and waterproof has been created by inventor Hajjar Gibran. It’s called AirCrete, and it is made from a foamy mixture of air bubbles and cement.  It’s inexpensive to produce and very easy to use - a fantastic alternative that cuts construction costs dramatically.

Hajjar says: "As well as being waterproof and fireproof, it’s also insect proof and offers good thermal and acoustic insulation. It will not rot, warp, or corrode.” Unlike concrete which is hard, heavy, cold and difficult to work with, AirCrete is easy to use and dries overnight. The inventor claims that it has “sufficient strength to make excellent foundations, subfloors, building blocks, poured walls etc and can be moulded to practically any shape.” Plus it can be cut, carved, drilled and shaped with wood-working tools, so it is easy to repair.


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