Santa Eulalia road works until 2020.

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Improvements for Ibiza to Santa Eulalia road
By Jerry Brownstein
The Ibiza Inspiration strives to publish positive stories, but in this case the news is mixed. The good news is that major steps are finally being taken to fix the terrible traffic problems on the important main road between Ibiza Town to Santa Eulalia. The not-so-good news is that the work will start in June when the busy tourist season begins. It is hoped that the construction will be intelligently planned so as not to interfere too much with the high season traffic. The Ibiza Consell says that the project will cost 14.5 million euros and will take at least 18 months to complete. This means that this very busy road will have construction delays until early 2020, which includes two full summer seasons.

When completed the road will be a dual carriageway with hard shoulders, pedestrian walkways and a cycle lane. It will extend the existing dual carriageway from the Jesus roundabout up to the turn off to the San Miguel road. There will be three new roundabouts. The notoriously bad juncture with the Jesus road will have a completely new design that is promised to be a great improvement. Another roundabout at the San Miguel road (Can Clavos) is expected to improve circulation at that choke point. The third roundabout will be just north of Ca na Negreta and will connect with a road that by-passes Jesus. In addition, there will be five pedestrian and cyclist underpasses so that traffic is not stopped by crossings. The Consell has been holding meetings with local residents and other interested parties to hear their concerns.


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