An innovative solution for homeless housing.

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Shipping containers become homes
By Michelle Robertson
A great solution for putting a roof over the heads of homeless people comes from the transformation of shipping containers that would otherwise by lying empty. This idea has been pioneered in the UK by the social enterprise Help Bristol’s Homeless (HBH). They convert the containers into small self-contained units with a bathroom (including a hot shower), a basic kitchen and a futon bed. They are designed to be used as a safe, short-term emergency accommodation until permanent homes can be found. Jasper Thompson is the founder of HBH, and he was aided in this project by members of the homeless community and generous local tradesmen.

Jasper explained that the scheme developed when the organisation was lent a container and, “We cleaned it out and put some beds in it. Then I looked at it and thought this is a good idea! Maybe we should just get some shipping containers and fit them out with beds.” He added: “We believe that having a home is not an entitlement, it is a right. Everybody should have the opportunity to live in a place they can call their own. Not only are we offering a temporary housing solution; we are also helping them to build their self-confidence by involving them in our project.”


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