Clean shaving with a laser.

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The incredible laser shaver
By Michelle Robertson
Those annoying nicks and cuts caused by shaving may be a thing of the past thanks to a new razor that eliminates hair using a laser. Back in 1989, Morgan Gustavsson invented a laser that could remove unwanted hairs, but it only worked on dark colour hairs. He has always wanted to create a laser that could be brought to bear on the everyday shaving market, and now he has done it with what he calls the Skarp Razor. Along with his partner Paul Binun, they made a key breakthrough by discovering a new chromophore – the part of a hair molecule that determines its colour.

Recognizing this trait allows the laser to cut through light and grey hair just as effortlessly as it does with dark hair. According to Gustavsson the Skarp makes all types of hairs “just fall away”. The bladeless Skarp Razor is made from aluminium and runs on a single re-chargeable AAA battery which can last for up to 50,000 hours. They are hoping to have it commercially available very soon.


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