Hollywood director designs beautiful efficient solar panels.

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Sunflower shaped solar panels
By Javier Alcaraz
James Cameron, the famous director of Avatar and other popular movies, has been promoting the use of solar energy for years. As a matter of fact Avatar, one of the highest-grossing movies in cinema history, was completely filmed with solar energy. Now this American filmmaker has gone a step further by creating attractive solar panel structures in the shape of sunflowers. They are designed to rotate automatically following the path of the sun, allowing them to produce higher amounts of photovoltaic energy than standard panels.

The use of the sunflower shape in solar panels had been tried before, but these are more efficient due to their innovative design. Perhaps the most important part of James Cameron’s project is that it is completely ‘open source’. This means that the information, knowledge and designs needed to make these solar panels will be published online so that they can be copied and improved on by anyone for free.


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