A successful actress turns to jewellery design here on Ibiza.

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Delphine Tempels, from actress to jewellery designer
By Krishna Dias
A passion for art and designing things has been a constant in Delphine Tempels’ life. The actress and jewellery designer, who was born in Belgium, arrived in Spain 12 years ago. She has had a very successful acting career in theatre, television and cinema, but her greatest success was discovering an artistic flair as a jewellery maker. She is the creator of Maison Del Tempels, a brand of jewellery that is distinguished by the uniqueness of its collections, with its striking shapes and details. Some of her jewellery was recently seen adorning actresses at the Goya Awards, and one of her creations won first prize at an event held by the Spanish Gemmological Institute. In this interview the artist tells us more about her career, and her journey to expressing herself through jewellery design.

From actress to jewellery designer. How did this transformation happen?

Both things are actually related. I started working with jewellery during a period when I had spare time between my acting roles. I am a very active person. I need to constantly create, to focus my energy on some form of art, so I was looking for another way to express this creative energy. It started as a way to fill my spare time, and ended up with the creation of my sculpture-jewellery. That was four years ago, and I have not stopped since. This is how Maison Del Tempels was born.

Since then you have taken part in various events and exhibitions, with your jewellery gaining positive reviews and awards. What were the most recent events?

In 2016 I exhibited my collection at the residence of the Ambassador for Belgium in Madrid, and last year at the ExpoGema, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Gemmological Institute. My creation, a bracelet called ‘Viaje a la Luna’ (‘Trip to the Moon’), earned first prize.

How does your experience as an actress influence your work as a designer?

My training under Juan Carlos Corazza instilled in me an artistic criteria and a refined eye. When you work seriously as an actress, you are also working on yourself. The artistic approach that I use for my jewellery is the same as the one I used when I was an actress; I give myself to creating with my mind, my heart and my inspiration.

Your new collection is a series of special pieces called “Pitiusas”. Tell us a bit more about what inspired you.  

My inspiration came from the Pitiusas Islands, especially Ibiza which is my home. I was also influenced by the changes brought about by my move from Madrid to Ibiza. The name is the main inspiration of course, but the change of life philosophy that I have experienced here has also played a big part. This collection has to do with time. In other words, to create I need time. These are pieces with minute details that need a lot of work. To create this collection I was inspired by the sea, the coral, water droplets and shapes. They are special pieces of jewellery, crafted with passion and delicacy. When I am creating my aim is to totally connect with what I am doing, and I can spend many hours working on small details. I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist (laughter). When I am in the workshop, I listen to classical piano or violin... and I let myself be inspired. I also draw a lot of inspiration from nature... I love it! I can spend hours watching the sea.

After the success of your new collection, do you have any further projects in mind for the future?

I have started work on a new collection. I say collection because it is based around a theme, but all of my pieces are unique. This new line has a magical inspiration. The focus is on day and night… on the lights and shades in each of us. These will be versatile pieces; fresh for the daytime and with a special sparkle for the nighttime. I also have plans to hold an exhibition in Ibiza this year.

Why Ibiza? What attracted you to move to the island?

Well, I was looking for a change to my lifestyle; to distance myself a little from show business and to dedicate myself to the art of creating jewellery. Here I have more time to create and concentrate on my work as a designer. Of course this island is very special - there is a wonderfully intense energy… the nature is stunning… and we are surrounded with interesting people from all over the world. Ibiza is so unique! I have been in love with the island since my first visit. Here I feel at peace… at home. •


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