Our existence is not random and accidental… on the contrary… it is on purpose… with a purpose.

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Quantum Evolution
By Jerry Brownstein
Charles Darwin was a groundbreaking scientist who helped to expand our understanding of evolution. His idea that species develop over time through some form of natural selection was a significant step... but only that... a step. It was a theory that broke the logjam of out-dated religious beliefs about creationism, but it was by no means a final conclusion. Natural selection through random accidental mutations was a starting point... and it should have evolved as evidence disproved some of its details. Yet here we are over 150 years later, and despite many obvious flaws, it is still accepted by mainstream science and taught in our schools. Even more important, this flawed theory has had a negative influence on the values and attitudes of our society. It’s time for a new look at evolution that provides better answers to the perennial questions of where we came from and why are we here.

The basis of Darwin’s theory is that all physical changes come about through accidental genetic mutations that are completely random. Here is how it is supposed to work: Through blind chance, one member of a species has a mutation in their DNA that proves to be useful for survival. This trait is passed on to its progeny, and it makes them so much better adapted to life that they become the Adams & Eves of a whole new branch of the species... a branch that over millions of years outlives all others. We are supposed to believe that this happens for every major evolutionary change... but it does not feel right. The part of Darwinism that does not make any sense is the insistence that these changes are random and accidental... but it wasn’t always that way...

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the first to express the concept of evolution, but he saw it as being an active adaptive process rather than a series of biological accidents. In 1801 (58 years before Darwin’s theory) Lamarck presented his “Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics” which said that species evolve as a reaction to changes in their environment. At the core of his theory is the belief that every species has a built-in evolutionary impulse to both survive and thrive. When something in the environment threatens their existence it triggers the entire species to search for new genetic combinations to overcome the threat. Once these intentional beneficial variations are found they are passed on to following generations. The process is similar to Darwinian evolution, but with one crucial difference – the genetic variations are not accidental – they are an integral part of the survival mechanism of the species. 

Today Lamarck’s theory is called Quantum Evolution, and to see how it differs from Darwinism let’s look at a simple example. Suppose a species has to adapt to significantly colder temperatures. According to Darwin, they would have to wait around for perhaps millions of years until by random chance one of them experienced the happy accident of a genetic mutation that favors growing more hair. They would then have to hope that this lucky genetic lottery winner survived long enough to pass that mutated trait on to its offspring. Even after clearing those daunting hurdles, it would take another million or so years for this mutated trait of shiny long hair had spread widely to their fellow creatures. This is all assuming that they will have been able to survive that long in the colder temperatures. If all of this happens, then the species will have adapted to their environment... but only through blind improbable luck. 

In Quantum Evolution the same situation triggers the entire species to instantly begin searching for a solution to this existential threat. All of their bodies start producing new genetic mutations in a massive process of trial and error which quickly finds new gene combinations that produce hair/warmth. This new trait is passed on to the next generations – not just from one lucky mutant, but from numerous successful adaptations. Clearly, the theory of Quantum Evolution produces results that are infinitely faster and more efficient than the Darwinian alternative... and it makes much more sense.

In 1988, the esteemed geneticist John Cairns published research that proved the theory of Quantum Evolution. His experiments with bacteria showed conclusively that life-sustaining mutations arose as a direct response to a threat in their environment. The results of Cairns’ research have been successfully duplicated many times over, yet conventional science still wants us to believe the Darwinian myth that all changes are random and accidental. What is really odd is that despite clinging to this Darwinian dogma, they keep telling us how quickly viruses and bacteria can adapt to changes in their environment. We read in the news that “super bug” bacteria are so actively adaptive that they can change their DNA quickly to thwart every new antibiotic. With each new ‘epidemic scare’ (Bird Flu, Zika, etc.) we are told that viruses can jump species and do all kinds of adaptive tricks. These bacteria and viruses do not have to wait millions of years to accidentally develop counter-measures to the latest drug - they adapt rapidly. There seems to be a disconnect between what science says about disease adaptation and their irrational devotion to Darwinism. 

Why is all of this important? Because conventional science has led us to believe that we are insignificant specs of matter that are merely the result of random accidental biology. According to this theory our only purpose in life is to compete with each other so that we can survive... to pass on our genes and then perish. This legacy of Charles Darwin has strongly influenced every aspect of our existence, and is greatly responsible for the critical situation that we face today. Economically we fight against each other rather than cooperate. Politically we strive for power instead of working for the common good. Ecologically we waste our resources and destroy our beautiful planet. Sociologically we feel more and more alone because we have lost our sense of oneness and unity. If we continue to follow this dead end of Darwinism we will never advance to our full human potential. 

Quantum Evolution tells us a different story. It shows us that, at the deepest level, we instinctively understand that whatever affects one of us affects all of us. When faced with a challenge our bodies adapt and evolve by working together to find solutions. This is our essence… our natural evolutionary impulse… to face our challenges by coming together. Understanding this makes us realize that our existence is not random and accidental… on the contrary… it is on purpose… with a purpose. That purpose is to continue to evolve our consciousness so that our species can realize its full potential. This evolution of human consciousness will occur – as does all evolution – through the process of intentional adaptation. As more and more of us choose to raise our individual awareness, humanity will evolve toward ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.’ ·


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