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The consciousness revolution
By Jerry Brownstein
There is a great revolution occurring in the world today... not a revolution of battles and armies... but of consciousness. Every day more and more of us are becoming aware that the world we live in needs to evolve to a new level. We are searching for alternative ways of living and being... ways that feel more real and valuable. This movement towards positive transformation is growing stronger each day, while at the same time our traditional systems of economy, ecology, government, and spirituality are proving to be outdated and unsustainable. The 20th century was the apex of humanity’s reliance on the ability of material science to make the world better in every way. We believed that it was our destiny to cure all of life’s problems through the application of reason, technology and social research... it was just a matter of time. That was an important step in the evolution of humanity as it has brought us to a much greater level of material prosperity... but now it has outlived its usefulness and is falling apart. We have created a world that is completely unbalanced... a materialistic society that abuses the environment, consumes too many resources, and creates constant conflict.

It is time for a revolution of consciousness that will sweep away the current worldview based on fear, lack and limitation, so that we can replace it with a new way of being that is grounded in love, abundance and freedom. This is the great opportunity that is being presented to us in these exciting times, but can this wave of consciousness grow strong enough to bring meaningful change to the world... and what can you do to help make it happen? The answers to those questions just might be found in our most ancient wisdom... wisdom that reveals the enormous power of human intention.

Throughout the ages mystics and sages have spoken of a “one-ness” that links us to each other and to everything in the universe. Modern science has now proven that there is in fact such a field of connection, and that every person, every flower, every planet and every galaxy is connected through this field of energy. We also know that we humans have the power to strongly affect this field through our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Proof of this comes from measurements of the energetic signature of our planet. The Earth has its own electro-magnetic field (EMF) that is measured by satellites every second of every day. This EMF always stays within a very narrow range... except when there are events that attract intense human attention. On September 11, 2001... as the world watched the buildings in New York come crashing down... the magnetic field of our planet spiked way above its normal range, and it stayed unstable for several days thereafter. Similar abnormal readings have occurred during other events that galvanized human emotional attention, like the Asian Tsunami and the death of Princess Diana. This scientific data proves conclusively that when a large number of people are focusing their attention on one thing it literally changes the very fabric of our universe. How can this be? It is because we are connected to everything through the field of energy, and this field reacts to our attention. Why is this important? Because it proves that by concentrating our attention we can have a profound transformative effect on all of humanity and on the world around us.

The challenge that we face is learning how to harness this incredible power of attention by focusing it through our intention for positive change. The good news is that the equipment we need to accomplish this task is very close at hand. The strongest transmitter that you have for projecting your intentions into the world is not your brain – it is your heart. The electromagnetic field of the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of the brain... 5,000 times! But it gets even better. Recent studies have proven that when we are feeling heart-based emotions like love, compassion, gratitude and kindness we create ‘heart coherence’ which increases the power of our intention/attention exponentially. This means that a relatively small number of people projecting these love-based emotions can have an enormous effect on the field of energy that connects all people, and which underlies our entire physical reality.

The Revolution of Consciousness is based on the insight that we are not separate from one another. Like waves in the ocean or sunbeams from the sun, there is actually nowhere where one of us stops and another one starts. We are not just material beings who are limited to our physical bodies... we are unlimited beings who are connected through our consciousness. Of course on the level of physical bodies we are all separate, but on the level of consciousness we are one. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one, affects all.” King was not just a civil rights leader, but also a spiritual one, proclaiming that the human condition would not fundamentally change until our hearts were changed. When we realize this, and come together with the full power of our positive energy, we create a community of awakened souls with the potential to transform the world. It all starts by choosing to live consciously so that our lives become a reflection of the feelings that emanate from our hearts. When we do this our positive intention is focused like a laser to send a powerful message that is mirrored and magnified in the very fabric of the universe.

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