You have the power to ‘change the energy’ in your life

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Good vibrations
By Jerry Brownstein
Quantum physics tells us that everything in our world consists of vibrating energy that carries information. We also know that similar vibrations are attracted to each other – in the same way that tuning forks of the same note will resonate together. What does that mean for you and me? It means that the vibrations you project through your thoughts and feelings will attract into your life that same kind of energy from the universe… like attracts like. When you create your thoughts and feelings to be positive they attract positive things into your life, but if you are putting out negative thoughts and feelings your experiences will also be more negative. This certainly sounds empowering, and it is backed up by theoretical quantum physics, but is there any solid scientific proof that this power really exists? The beginnings of an answer to that question are being found in the most obvious of places… the substance that permeates our entire physical world… water.

Conventional science ignores the power of vibrational energy and tells us that everything which happens in our world is the result of physical interactions. Jacques Benveniste was a highly respected French medical researcher who had always gone along with this conventional thinking. However, he began to have doubts about it when he became interested in studying the seemingly strange way that homeopathic medicine works. Very briefly stated, the theory behind homeopathy depends on two basic principles. The first is the Law of Similars which says that a substance which causes a certain physical illness or disease can be prepared in a way that will cure people who suffer from that same illness. In fact, the word homeopathy actually means similar (homeo) suffering (pathy).

The second basic principle of homeopathy is that the curing substance actually gets stronger the more that you dilute it. This is said to result from the process of potentization, wherein the curing substance is repeatedly diluted in water while being vigorously shaken. As a result of all of these dilutions most homeopathic remedies usually do not contain a single molecule of the original substance…  zero, zip nada… yet they still work. As you can imagine, the medical establishment sees this as ridiculous because conventional science can only understand reactions that are purely physical. To them a cure that contains none of the original chemical remedy must be illusory.

Yet the fact remains that, despite having no “active” ingredients, homeopathic remedies have been curing people for over 200 years. This fascinated Benveniste, so he braved the disdain of his conventional colleagues and plunged into the exploration of what allowed this non-physical remedy to bring about physical cures. In 1988, he published the results of his careful research which showed that an antibody which was diluted to the point where there was not a single molecule of it remaining in the water was still completely effective. Of course the medical establishment rose in opposition to such heresy. This quote from the highly regarded medical journal ‘Lancet’ says it all: “What could be more absurd than the notion that a substance can be therapeutically active in dilutions so great that the patient is unlikely to receive a single molecule of it.”

To counter these attacks Benveniste arranged for other laboratories to repeat his experiments under the strictest of conditions, and in each case his results were confirmed. This did not quiet his critics who were firmly backed by the pharmaceutical industry which feared loss of profits if inexpensive homeopathic remedies were proven effective. In 2001, a consortium of four European labs set out to finally prove that Benveniste was wrong. They employed the most impeccable scientific methods… but in the end their results actually supported the work of Benveniste. One of the leading researchers on that team was forced to admit:  “Despite my reservations against the science of homeopathy, the results compel me to suspend my disbelief and to start searching for a rational explanation of our findings.”

That “rational explanation” is that water in the homeopathic remedy is able to retain the information it received by being in contact with the curing substance. In other words, water has memory. It can “remember” the vibrational information of the original remedy and use that memory to create the cure. This is clear proof that non-physical vibrations have the power to change physical material reality. A new study published in 2014, by the University of Stuttgart indicates that these non-physical vibrations can come from the thoughts and feelings that we humans project. The study used a revolutionary method that quickly makes the molecular structure of a drop of water visible. They found that each drop has a unique character that reflects the vibrations it has been exposed to. In one experiment several people created drops of water from the same source. The results showed that all of the drops that you make will look very similar because the water is reflecting your vibration. However, the drops made by other people do not look anything like yours, and everyone’s drops looked significantly different from everyone else’s. Clearly the water could pick up and “remember” the vibrational information of each individual; and each person’s “signature” was unique.

These new studies confirm the groundbreaking research of Dr Masuro Emoto, whom I have written about numerous times in other articles. The leading edge of science is proving his theory that everything in our world is a reflection of the vibrational energy that it comes into contact with. This means that we have the power to transform our lives by using our consciousness to change the vibrations that we are putting out. Positive thoughts and feeling tones attract positive people and situations. The ancient wisdom traditions have been saying this for centuries, and now scientists with the courage to challenge conventional thought are bringing this wisdom into the light. •


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