A business with a heart that supports abused women

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Moving company helps abused women
By María V.R.
Getting out of an abusive relationship isn’t easy, and moving away from it can be even more daunting. Hundreds of women in California now have the owners of a special moving company to thank for coming to their rescue. When Meathead Movers first started their business in 1997, they were two brothers in high school who were simply looking for a way to earn some extra money. They would occasionally get phone calls from women with little money who wanted to quickly relocate before their abusers returned home. They always declined any compensation and rushed to the address to load their belongings. One of those situations turned unstable when the abuser came home in the middle of the move. This made the boys realize that they had to take steps to ensure that the women they were moving were protected.

They partnered with a local women’s shelter which supported the women with counseling, and made sure that when they came to make the move a proper restraining order would be in place. Since those early days the company has expanded into many cities, and whenever they open a new office they immediately get connected with the local women’s shelter. The owners of Meathead Movers and their employees are very proud of the help they give to abused women, and that aspect of their business is an important part of their mission statement. They hope to inspire others to think about how they can help abused women who are trying to rebuild their lives.


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