Help for those in need due to the crisis

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Carritos Solidarios of Ibiza
By Jerry Brownstein
Ibiza resident Marco Martín found a way to help those who are suffering economically during the Covid-19 crisis. He has set up a system in supermarkets and food stores throughout the island that makes it easy for people to donate food. Special supermarket carts are set aside and clearly marked that they are for donations. Shoppers can then purchase extra items which they put in these ‘solidarity carts’. Initially people in need could come directly to the stores and take products from those carts free of charge. Now the pick-up and distribution of the food is handled by several organizations: Red Cross, Cáritas, Doctors of the World, Ibiza Food Bank, Mother Teresa, Adra and Equip Voluntari. 

Mr Martín explains that, “The people who are having a hard time in this crisis are not only the destitute, but also people like you and me who had jobs and then, overnight have been left without income.” His idea was to make it easier for them to get help, and also to give shoppers and food establishments a way to demonstrate their generosity. It started when he and some friends filled up a cart like this in their local market, and the idea spread around the island. It is a wonderful way to ‘pay it forward’ and be part of the solution in these challenging times.

More information plus a list of participating markets can be found on this website:


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