Eco bus stops that help the bees

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Bus stops become bee stops
By Jinny Throup
The Dutch city of Utrecht is taking inventive measures to help the environment and improve its air quality. Over 300 of the city’s bus stops now have flowering sedum plants on their roofs. These colourful plants help to capture fine dust, store rainwater and provide cooling in the summertime. Another welcome result is that these bus stops, which are outfitted with efficient led lights and bamboo benches, have also become favourite stops for the local bee population. Supporting honey bees is important in these times when they are threatened by overuse of pesticides. The green bus stops also contribute to the city’s biodiversity.

In addition, Utrecht has replaced 10 diesel buses with electric ones, and aims to change their entire bus fleet by 2028. There are also incentives in place for the bus drivers to adapt a more environmentally friendly driving style with prizes being awarded based on how cleanly, comfortably and safely they drive.


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