Feature Articles

Fake News and the Search for the Truth

It is becoming more and more difficult to know where to find the truth about what is happening in the world. The prestigious Oxford Dictionaries highlighted this problem [...]

Jazz Point Ibiza 2021

Jazz Point Ibiza put our island on the international jazz map by bringing some of the biggest names in the business to perform here in March 2020.The 2021 edition [...]

Forbidden History

How did human civilization really begin? Are we to believe the old story that we were taught in school, or is there a much more mysterious and fascinating history of humanity [...]

Good News

First mother-daughter pilot duo

Aviation remains a male dominated industry as women account for less than 5% of commercial pilots in the US and UK. But history and progress were recently made when captain [...]

The generous “baby cuddler”

Louis Mapp is in his 80’s and a great-grandfather, but he still volunteers in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of a hospital in Alabama (US). Once a week he drives [...]

Bon Jovi’s ‘Soul Kitchens’

World famous rock star Jon Bon Jovi is making a new name for himself by opening special restaurants that care for people in need. He already has three ‘Soul Kitchens’ in [...]

3D printed homes for the needy

The non-profit organization New Story is dedicated to finding solutions to global homelessness. In their latest project they are building one of the world’s [...]

Science & Technology

Breakthroughs in solar power technology

Making solar energy more efficient is one of the most important ways to achieve more sustainable clean electricity. Many scientists are working on this problem, and [...]

Australian solar to power Singapore

Australia will be the leader of a new concept that will show the world how sun-soaked countries can transport their excess solar and wind energy to places [...]

Solar hydro panel for water

Harvesting vapour from the air and turning it into drinking water – that’s the genius of a new device that could be used all over the world. This solar-powered invention [...]


A “Green City” in Africa

The first green city project in Africa is being planned for construction on 620 hectares of land near Rwanda’s capital of Kigali. This urban area will be a model for future [...]

First zero-emission cargo ship

The Green Shipping Program is a public-private partnership for the development of environmentally advanced shipping projects. They created a competition to develop, build [...]

Plastic from fish waste

A new material made from fish waste that can be utilized as a type of plastic has the potential to solve two huge worldwide problems simultaneously. It was invented by a [...]

Wildlife highway crossings

Sweden will build a series of new animal bridges as part of the global efforts to help wildlife navigate busy roads. Every April Sweden’s main highway comes to a standstill [...]

Inside Ibiza

Water Sports on Ibiza

Looking out from the beach on a warm sunny day, it’s clear to see that we humans are a playful species. Whether it’s children frolicking in the shallows or jet skis speeding [...]

Hacienda Na Xamena - A Vision that is always Evolving

Just before you get to the beach at Puerto San Miguel, there is a sign to turn left for Na Xamena. This road gently winds its way upward through the forest, going ever higher [...]

New law protecting Ibiza’s waters

The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) recently announced a significant victory in the long-running campaign to stop oil and gas exploration in the seas near Ibiza. In early March [...]

Health & Wellness

Natural Ways to Manage Stress

Are you one of those busy people who has 1,000 different things to do every day and is always thinking, “I never have enough time!”. Living in our fast-paced world [...]

Honey for coughs and colds

Scientists from Oxford University Medical School say that good quality honey may be better than conventional treatments for coughs, blocked noses and sore throats. They recommend [...]

Take the ‘Nature Pill’

More and more doctors are prescribing nature experiences for the health benefits that come from reduced stress. The power of this ‘nature pill’ is well proven, and it can [...]

Using mRNA technology to cure cancer

The co-creator of one of the Covid-19 vaccines says that the same technology could be used to fight cancer. Ozlem Tureci and her husband Ugur Sahin are the co-founders of [...]

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