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Good vibrations

Quantum physics tells us that everything in our world consists of vibrating energy that carries information. We also know that similar vibrations are attracted to each other [...]

Aging Gracefully

For most people “aging” is synonymous with aches, pains, forgetfulness, loneliness, and ultimately death. Growing older is inevitable, but research actually shows that [...]

Be here now

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past or worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”  -  [...]

Good News

Luxembourg to legalize marijuana

Luxembourg has called on its EU neighbours to relax their drug laws as it confirmed plans to become the first European country to legalise cannabis production and consumption. [...]

The Pope supports indigenous people

Pope Francis has voiced his support for native people who are trying to protect their lands from being violated for solely economic purposes. He spoke with numerous representatives [...]

Massive donations to protect the planet

The Swiss businessman and philanthropist, Hansjorg Wyss, has donated one billion euros to the Wyss Campaign for Nature as part of an initiative to conserve 30% of the planet’s [...]

Cruise ships for housing the homeless?

American entrepreneur Ken Capron has come up with the unique idea of using a retired cruise ship, which would be docked in the harbour at Portland, Maine (US), as housing [...]

Science & Technology

“Igloos” for the homeless in Paris

A French engineer has designed a pop-up “igloo” to serve as a waterproof shelter for homeless people in Paris. Made from polyethylene foam and lined with aluminium foil on [...]

Slow lane for phone zombies

The UK’s first “slow lanes” for people who insist on looking at their phones while walking, have opened in Manchester City centre. Two adjacent 75 metre long “mobile safe [...]

Solar hydro panel for water

Harvesting vapour from the air and turning it into drinking water – that’s the genius of a new device that could be used all over the world. This solar-powered invention [...]


World’s largest urban farm in Paris

A groundbreaking rooftop farm is currently under construction in southwest Paris which will be the largest urban farm in the world. This oasis within a city will span approximately [...]

Taking plastic out of rivers

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the best solutions. A new filtration system which is “unbelievably simple” could massively address the problem of contamination of [...]

Natural restoration of lakes in India

In 2013 Ramveer Tanwar had just finished his engineering studies at university, and he turned his attention to the unfortunate environmental situation of his native village [...]

France to shut down all coal plants

French President Emmanuel Macron announced during the World Economic Forum of 2019, that all of France’s coal-fired power plants will be shut down by 2021 – two years earlier [...]

Inside Ibiza

Horses on Ibiza

When you look around at the dry and dusty Ibiza terrain, it’s hard to imagine any kind of grazing animal being satisfied by the sparse greenery on offer. Nevertheless, one [...]

Snakes on Ibiza

For centuries Ibiza was famous for being completely free of snakes, but that is no longer the case. Over the past 15 years thousands of these slithering creatures have made [...]

Sant Antoni training in gender equality

The City Council of Sant Antoni, through its Department of Social Services, teaches a gender equality training course aimed at all professionals of Social Services, Police [...]

Health & Wellness

Gene therapy restores sight

An amazing breakthrough in medical science uses gene therapy to give sight back to people who suffer from genetic blindness. The Oxford Eye Hospital used injections of altered [...]

Brain tumour vanishes

Here’s proof that having faith, hope and a positive attitude can create what doctors can only call a ‘miracle’. Paul Wood from Lodi, California left the medical experts baffled [...]

Paraplegic man recovers mobility

A team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic (US) in collaboration with the University of California have developed a device that used electrical impulses to allow a paralyzed [...]

Mindful meditation in schools

An increasing number of children in the UK are showing signs of early onset depression and anxiety. Many schools in England are responding to this challenge in a new way [...]

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