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The Mind Body Connection

Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? In a typical experiment to test a new drug patients with the targeted disease are split up into two groups: one group gets the [...]

Freedom from stress

The emotional stress of modern life is taking an enormous toll on our health, wellness and happiness. Research has shown that stress is a major factor in heart disease, digestive [...]

Creating miracles

Those of us who envision the possibility of a more beautiful world are told that we are unrealistic dreamers who believe in miracles. But what is a miracle? It is not the [...]

Good News

Good Samaritan arises in frigid Chicago

In a story that has warmed the hearts of many, Candice Payne is being hailed for her act of kindness that snowballed into a bigger effort which helped Chicago’s homeless [...]

Artists protest Trump’s border wall

As the Trump administration (US) pushes forward with plans to build a comprehensive wall on their southern border, American and Mexican artists are using their talents to [...]

Amazon owner's ex-wife pledges billions

MacKenzie Bezos became the world’s 22nd richest person thanks to her divorce settlement from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. She has recently signed the “Giving Pledge” which [...]

Luxembourg to legalize marijuana

Luxembourg has called on its EU neighbours to relax their drug laws as it confirmed plans to become the first European country to legalise cannabis production and consumption. [...]

Science & Technology

Graphene water filter

The creators of a revolutionary new type of water filter say that it can rapidly turn highly polluted seawater into drinkable water. Using a type of graphene called [...]

SpaceX readies for manned flights

The US has not sent an astronaut into space since the Space Shuttle was retired in 2011, but that will soon change. SpaceX, a California-based company founded by the billionaire [...]

Solar hydro panel for water

Harvesting vapour from the air and turning it into drinking water – that’s the genius of a new device that could be used all over the world. This solar-powered invention [...]


Norway bans palm oil biofuels

Once again it is a Scandinavian country that is the leader in an area of positive ecological policymaking. Norway is set to become the first [...]

Philanthropist creates vast national parks in Chile

Thanks to the largest private land donation in history, a sparsely-populated area in South America, known for its untouched landscape and beautiful national parks, will continue [...]

Ocean Cleanup Project has success

A huge floating device designed to clean up an island of rubbish in the Pacific Ocean that is three times the size of France is successfully accomplishing its mission. [...]

Glastonbury Festival bans sale of single-use plastics

The famous Glastonbury Festival (UK) has banned the sale of single-use plastics from all of their events. Not only will plastic drinks bottles be unavailable to purchase, [...]

Inside Ibiza

Deva - Swinging Sax & Sound Healing

A short summary of the life path of musician, composer and therapist Deva goes something like this: Expressing myself through the love of music to generate positive emotions [...]

Teaching about healthy food in Sant Antoni schools

The municipality of Sant Antoni has created an educational program that brings the knowledge of food and farming into their schools. Together with the Association of Producers [...]

Snakes on Ibiza

For centuries Ibiza was famous for being completely free of snakes, but that is no longer the case. Over the past 15 years thousands of these slithering creatures have made [...]

Health & Wellness

World's first meditation flight

Virgin Airways flight 9900 recently departed from Sydney, Australia with a special group of passengers that included its founder Sir Richard Branson, members of the media [...]

Doctors in Scotland prescribe Nature

In what is believed to be the first programme of its kind in the UK, doctors in Shetland, Scotland can now prescribe a walk in nature to their patients. Launched in October [...]

Studies of psychedelic mushrooms

New studies suggest that psilocybin – the active compound in magic mushrooms – makes people feel more connected to nature, and opens their minds to a more liberal view of [...]

Healing cuts with ZipStitch

ZipStitch is an ingenious new first aid tool that can close up a serious cut when it’s not possible to get to a doctor. It consists of four zip-ties that are connected by [...]

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